“Compassionate” “conservativism”

So this is our compassionate conservative president. Don’t know how good his grasp of the English language is, but Bush’s proposal to amend the constitution to ban gay marriages strikes me as fairly uncompassionate and surprisingly radical.

Lots of people up in arms about this one, e.g.:

And all for what? To keep people like Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, who had been together for 51 years, from celebrating their commitment to each other.

phyllisLyonDelMartin: Lesbian activists Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, together for 51 years, after their marriage in San Francisco. Photo by Marcio Jose Sanchez (AP). From the article <a href="http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4351828">Wedded Bliss</a> on MSNBC/Newsweek.

Maybe we ought to be amending the Constitution to do something about Bennifer and Britney. But Phyllis and Del? And my gay friends whose relationships illustrate new dimensions of love, respect, and fidelity? I say, leave my Constitution alone.