Spring comes early

jefferson as a vermeer
After the big snows we had (relatively speaking) in January, it’s weird how nice the weather has been this week. Most days have started out in the mid thirties and climbed to the mid fifties, and there’s been enough sun to make me pop the roof open on the car a few days. Meanwhile our crocuses (croci?) are starting to pop open, the irises and other bulb flowers are putting up green leaves, and I heard pine cones popping open over my head while I was walking the dogs yesterday. And it’s not even Valentines’ Day yet.

One thing the sunlight is doing is making me realize how behind we are in our weeding and gardening. Our beds are ragged and untidy and we haven’t pruned any of the trees. I feel a little like the guests are getting here to the dinner party before we’ve swept the floor.