I am Tim Jarrett. As a software product manager, I negotiate customer, partner, and internal stakeholder requirements to shape the future of where my company’s software is going, and build productive, respectful relationships with engineering organizations to ensure that the vision translates to market. You can learn more about my professional background; here’s ten things I’ve done that you probably haven’t. Here’s my discography.

As a blogger, I have what can charitably be described as boundless scope; an uncharitable description would be attention-defective. The site itself is a good summary of my interests: music and concerts I’ve heard, Internet technology and culture, literature, home renovation, food and drink, places I’ve lived, and all sorts of other things.

Recent areas of focus (like in the last fifteen years) have included the Virginia Glee Club, the 153+ year old tenor-bass chorus at the University of Virginia about which I wrote the book; and more recently, music reviews, particularly jazz albums, in the Album of the Week series.

This is the third iteration of this site. The first two iterations ran Manila, a pioneering blogging platform from Userland Software that was written by Dave Winer. This iteration runs WordPress, an open source blogging platform. Thanks to some magic by Erin Clerico, this iteration has all the content of the prior one. Prior to this site, there were two others, a site run on Personal Web Sharing and Frontier directly from my old Power Mac 7200/90 and a static web page at MIT.