Alternate blogging interfaces

SocialDynamix, who make a front end for Radio, now have a beta of a similar product for Manila, code named Smart Manila, that allows you to manage multiple Radio and Manila sites with a single client side UI. Windows only.

Usual start up pains. I’m not sure why, but the tool couldn’t automatically find my XML-RPC gateway from my Manila site address. Once I manually entered the address, by appending /RPC2 to the edit site URL, it was good to go.

Now it’s trying to download every single post I’ve ever done. Since I’ve been blogging daily for almost three years, it’s going to take a LONG time. Later today I’ll try posting something from there.

I also have been playing around with .Text, the .Net-based blogging framework for Windows. Unfortunately the blog isn’t publicly accessible (I’m using it to become one of those embedded behind-the-firewall department-level bloggers), but the framework seems pretty good. But where are the GUI clients? I am really coming to hate editing blogs in a browser. It’s good to have the capability every now and then, but as a daily thing it’s not the best interface in the world.