QTN™: Hitachino Nest Beer

Lurking in the back of my fridge tonight, and waiting for me to taste it, was this little Japanese gem. Hitachino Nest is the first beer from Kiuchi Brewery in Japan, which has been making sake since 1823. For a first beer ever, it’s fabulous. In the Belgian white ale style (flavor-wise, if not color—it’s a little darker and redder than the standard white ale), the beer is spiced and hopped appropriately, with fabulous big yeasty nose and after finish. No wonder it’s won so many awards.

SmartManila first impressions

To my surprise, SmartManila eventually did download all the content from my site, back to 2000. I was also impressed that while it was downloading the GUI was responsive and I could do other work.

I wasn’t able to post however; the message just posted in my discussion area rather than a news item. Here’s what I wrote:

User interface gripe: Manila only allows one category at a time for news items, but not only does SmartManila not prevent you from selecting multiple categories, you have to if you want your news item to have a category and appear on the home page, since they have inserted “Home Page” as a category.

There is a toggle in the editing pane from WYSIWYG to raw HTML, which is good. However, they uppercased all my lowercase HTML tags. That would be a problem if I were doing XHTML.