What a day that was

skiing snoqualmie

Among the things I consider a good prelude to a day skiing, being awakened every hour by a dog with a bad stomach does not rank high on the list. In fact, I’m not even sure it appears on the list. Our little girl puppy had a really bad night and kept us up, so by the time morning came I was discombobulated and non-functional. We decided not to feed them (Jefferson, our boy puppy, had been throwing up as well), so I left for work feeling guilty and leaving Lisa, who hadn’t slept any better than I had, to care for the puppies.

I soon realized how out of it I was. When we got into the shop and I started to put on my boots, I realized I had brought Lisa’s ski boots rather than mine. So it was another fun filled day of rental boots…

It was a beautiful day at Snoqualmie, though it took a while for the guilt to wear off enough for me to enjoy it. We found some fun runs I hadn’t experienced before, including a trail that led around the back of the mountain through the trees. Unfortunately, when a few of us went over to Snoqualmie Central to check the trails there, I ended up on a black diamond run by mistake. Fortunately after some trial and error (and considerable support from my partner in crime and fellow product manager, David Gordon), I managed to ski my way to safety.

This morning was a little better with the dogs. After a trip to the vet yesterday, the dogs got shots and pills and we got the go ahead to start feeding them again on a bland diet. They’re sleeping now. I think today will be a better day.

iTMS notes: the return of Sigur Rós

Looks like the Church’s album Starfish (with their only US hit “Under the Milky Way”) is available in the iTunes Music Store. As is—wait for it—Sigur Rós’s ( ).

Longtime readers of this blog may remember last year when I observed that Sigur Rós had disappeared from the store, just a few days after appearing in a banner ad. What brought them back? Well, it’s anybody’s guess, but I’m guessing that eight months’ positive experience in the store meant that when it was time to promote their new EP, their label had enough evidence of how it affected album sales to talk them into it.

The new EP, Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do, features the three works that Sigur Rós contributed to Merce Cunningham’s dance work “Split Sides.” The other contributor was Radiohead, whose contributions do not appear to be forthcoming on disc.