New site features

I’ve added a few new features to the site that hopefully improve discoverability of some of my older content and provide better access to other information about me.

The first feature is the display of my list of RSS subscriptions, which is now finally available at /about/mysubscriptions.html (it’s a long list, so be careful). I haven’t finished setting up an automatic update yet, partly because it would require me to use limpet (since NNW doesn’t allow direct automation of subscription list export), and I want to preserve the groups in the OPML file which is only enabled by the latest NNW beta. So for now the underlying OPML file is updated manually about once a week.

The second feature is my alternate news item archives. The main department pages list only 50 of the most recent news items, which for the Music and Internet groups (among others) is nowhere near enough. So here’s /oldnews. It contains links to the various site departments, each of which have one archive page of news items per year, all thanks to the magic of viewNewsItemstrue. I’ll be adding additional departments here as time permits.