Going to get tutored

Yes, the time has come for our puppies to go get the Big Snip (or in Joy’s case, the Big Incision). And none too soon, in Jefferson’s case. Last week in obedience class he, erm, “marked” two cones that were being used in the training session. The trainer scolded him a little and then asked me across the room, “When’s he going to get fixed?” I was able to answer that his time was coming on Monday the 23rd.

And now the time has come. We’ll have two sleepy, somewhat sore dogs tonight. They were a little confused and excited this morning when we drove them in, and hungry no doubt too, but otherwise seemed OK. We’ll see what they’re like tonight after the “tutoring.”

Oh, and while I’m on the subject of vasectomy humor, my all time favorite cartoon on the subject, from The Far Side (“I’m going to get tutored!”). The runner up, in Berke Breathed’s Outland (“I don’t remember being asked about the vasectomy…”) doesn’t appear to be available online.