iTMS notes: the return of Sigur Rós

Looks like the Church’s album Starfish (with their only US hit “Under the Milky Way”) is available in the iTunes Music Store. As is—wait for it—Sigur Rós’s ( ).

Longtime readers of this blog may remember last year when I observed that Sigur Rós had disappeared from the store, just a few days after appearing in a banner ad. What brought them back? Well, it’s anybody’s guess, but I’m guessing that eight months’ positive experience in the store meant that when it was time to promote their new EP, their label had enough evidence of how it affected album sales to talk them into it.

The new EP, Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do, features the three works that Sigur Rós contributed to Merce Cunningham’s dance work “Split Sides.” The other contributor was Radiohead, whose contributions do not appear to be forthcoming on disc.