Gary Locke moving on

I’m not the closest follower of state politics out here in Washington. (After all, neither is the local media—a far cry from Boston’s baying news hounds.) But I was a little surprised that Gary Locke declared that he will not seek a third term as Governor of Washington yesterday. It leaves me wondering about his next act. Senator? His profile is a little too low to throw his hat into
the presidential ring for 2004.

I will note that coming from eight years of governing a state with one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation might make it a little difficult to do battle against Republican opponents on the national stage.

Support for Bush’s forestry plan from an unlikely source

It looks like I was wrong
to allege
that the Bush policy on logging national forests to
save trees was cynical and a sell out of government resources to
support industry. This article in the New York Times reports on an

accidental experiment
that showed that thinned forest patches
that had been subjected to prescribed burns—controlled forest
fires—stopped a rampaging non-prescribed burn dead in its tracks. Note that Charlie called this one in the comments to my original post.

LiveJournal puts Weblogs.Com over the top

Dave points out that LiveJournal blogs have started pinging This means that gets a new high water mark almost for free. My data has been updated, and the chart is below:

linear plot of high water growth, 22 jul

I was definitely right to hesitate about predicting exponential growth of the blogosphere back in May. Look at what has happened to the shape of the curve since then. I think what happened was that the end of the war made a lot of people update less frequently, and may have driven some warbloggers off the map entirely. But I also noticed that the traffic on systematically flirted with the high water mark throughout May and June.

I think the time has come to start investigating the data more systematically. Time to look at starting that cron job…

Got TrackBack?

My blog just became the beneficiary of the new TrackBack features added to Manila by UserLand. Theoretically at least I have the ability to send outbound pings and receive inbound pings. I say “theoretically” because I’ve tried sending an outbound ping and haven’t seen any results, and haven’t seen any inbound pings yet either. But it should work.

Things that I’ve found while working on enabling this feature:

  1. For those who don’t know anything about TrackBack, there’s a good non-technical explanation here.
  2. The TrackBack list, like the Comments list, is not available on the static view of my site at, but it is available at the dynamic view at
  3. The TrackBack ping URL is not the same as the permalink for a post. Don’t know why I thought it would be, but… You can find the URL to ping by clicking the TrackBack link under a news item.
  4. NetNewsWire doesn’t provide a field for TrackBack URLs for Manila blogs yet.