Quiet week, kinda

With Esta off to Louisville with my mom for the Presbyterian Women’s Gathering, and with the rest of the blogosphere seemingly paralyzed by the summer heat, it’s a quiet week in my aggregator. At home it’s been a little more frantic; Lisa leaves tomorrow for a pleasure-n-business East Coast trip, I’ve been consumed with my new role at work, and we’re trying to finish getting all the new ground cover planted before it gets really hot.

So go check out Greg’s blog, where it looks like some things are actually happening—like trying to start up both a group blog about Atlanta living, and a group blog devoted to Southern politics. Plus, he’s really been tearing the administration several new ones over the revelation that the President cited bogus “proof” about Iraq’s purchases of uranium from African nations during the State of the Union as justification for the war, and other acts of high stupidity.