Sun comes up, it’s Friday morning

Just returned from taking Lisa to the airport for a five-day East Coast visit. I’ll be batching it for a few days while she does some work with her boss in New York and helps her parents get set up with a new G4 iMac (the 15″ model, not the 17″ one). I will hopefully be home in time to test out Timbuktu Pro—we’re really hoping we can use it to provide better remote support than we can offer unaided over the phone. (Too many of our conversations with her parents go, “Okay, now click the Apple menu… yeah, the one in the upper left corner… What did you say you saw?” and then we find out fifteen minutes later that what we thought was the problem was really something else entirely, and that although her mother had given an accurate description of the problem, we had heard something else. How I was ever able to do tech support with my limited skills I’ll never know.)

The rest of the weekend? Well, Pernice Brothers tonight, yardwork and hang out with some friends tomorrow—and maybe get a chance to catch up on a few DVDs that have been sitting around waiting for a quiet weekend. Plus hopefully finish reading Dhalgren, which if anything is underhyped.