God help me, I’m a square on Hipster Bingo

my piece of hipster bingo

Spotted on Boing-Boing, the Hipster Bingo game. I definitely fit one of the squares on the excerpt to the right; I’m not sure if I’m hip enough to be a “grampa” (though I fit the other part of the definition).

And what’s up with that digital camera? That’s so 1999. It’s gotta be a cam phone now. But I gotta say, it would have taken me about 20 minutes to get Bingo at the Pernice Brothers show, and only that long because the number of hoodies and ski-vests on hand in Seattle in the summer is pretty small.

Last night’s Meetup

Had a really good time last night at the Meetup. Beth Goza did, indeed, attend, and I was more than a little surprised and chagrined to learn she worked in the same building I do. I really outta check that directory more often.

Had a great talk with Jerry Kindall. We were comparing stats engines, and we noticed that we both saw exactly one hit from the meetup listing today. He said, “We should pool our logs and track people’s hits from one Seattle blog to another.” I pointed out that you’d need comparable data from every log, and it wouldn’t work well if one person had Apache logs and another had SiteMeter. I then suggested that someone ought to implement a tracking pixel beacon and host it on a central location like Seablogs, so we could get fun stats like “how many readers of one Seablog read more than one.” I was mostly joking. Of course you’d have to make sure that the web bug couldn’t be cached. And to make it worthwhile, we would really have to make the stats consumable and publishable by everyone.

The evening wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory “huddle round the gadget.” Beth had brought a Tablet, and at one point we realized that we had three Nokia 3650s at a table of 10 people. But of course it all ends up around the PC:

everyone huddled around jake's laptop

Almost forgot: Jake has the full list of attendees with links.

Lots of blame being hosed around

Now that people have finally decided to take the Presidential lie problem seriously (why this lie, as opposed to the other ones, is anyone’s guess), it’s interesting to watch the articles pop up blaming just about everyone else in the administration: from the administration’s scapegoat, the director of the CIA, to Dick Cheney, to Rumsfeld’s Office of Special Plans (Salon link, day pass required; story also here).

Folks, unless you’re claiming that this President is like Ronald Reagan and can’t expect to be held accountable for the decisions he signed up for, and the things he said, and the actions of the people that worked for him, the blame can only accrue to one person.