A shakeup at Userland?

Looks like things are moving over in Userland, where (except for Dave, who is after all only majority shareholder now, having given up the CEO-ship when he took his fellowship) only Lawrence’s blog and the product news page have been active in the past month. Yesterday two significant happenings: John Robb announced that he was no longer working at Userland (shortly thereafter his blog was removed from the company’s servers), and Dave reported that part of his trip back west next week is to address some things about the company (he had previously alluded to “moving some servers”).

For unrelated reasons, I couldn’t sleep last night, and dreamt that someone wrote on their blog about the whole scenario: “follow the brown acid.” And that Brent had made so much money from NetNewsWire that he was going to buy out UserLand. I’m not sure that’s any weirder than what is really going on.