Got TrackBack?

My blog just became the beneficiary of the new TrackBack features added to Manila by UserLand. Theoretically at least I have the ability to send outbound pings and receive inbound pings. I say “theoretically” because I’ve tried sending an outbound ping and haven’t seen any results, and haven’t seen any inbound pings yet either. But it should work.

Things that I’ve found while working on enabling this feature:

  1. For those who don’t know anything about TrackBack, there’s a good non-technical explanation here.
  2. The TrackBack list, like the Comments list, is not available on the static view of my site at, but it is available at the dynamic view at
  3. The TrackBack ping URL is not the same as the permalink for a post. Don’t know why I thought it would be, but… You can find the URL to ping by clicking the TrackBack link under a news item.
  4. NetNewsWire doesn’t provide a field for TrackBack URLs for Manila blogs yet.