The keiretsu in full effect

The keiretsu has been a little quiet the past few months. Now with Esta’s blog active again it comes roaring back. Evidence:

  • In Esta’s latest post, she reclaims the b-word for all her sistahs and notes the inherent sexism in curses: “If you call a woman who’s just out-and-out mean ‘bitch,’ why not call mean men ‘bitch’ as well? Or why not call a mean woman ‘asshole’?”
  • George finds an Italian neighborhood place in North Beach which accomplishes the miracle of “good eats at reasonable prices” in the most expensive city on the West Coast.
  • Craig is hooked on politics, and it’s not my fault: “Why don’t I just retype each wonkette entry into my blog?”
  • And Greg has the final word: “This wave of popularity Kerry keeps riding reminds me of a pyramid scheme…I don’t hear a message coming from the Kerry camp; I just hear pleasant, but meaningless, slogans. Pardon my saying so, but we can do better than that.”