Friday Random 10

Thanks to Zalm for cluing me into the existence of this meme. Normally I avoid memes but this one fits my blog nicely. (Instructions; speculation on the origin of the meme.)

  1. “Banana Co,” Radiohead
  2. “The Last of the Famous International Playboys,” Morrissey
  3. “Mr. Grieves,” Pixies
  4. “Billy Boy,” Miles Davis
  5. Cardoso: Requiem, 2. Kyrie, The Tallis Scholars
  6. “It Happened in Monterey,” Frank Sinatra
  7. “Sprout and the Bean,” Joanna Newsom
  8. “Vacation,” the Go Gos
  9. “Breathless,” Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  10. “Five String Serenade,” Mazzy Star

Not too bad. With all the 80s crap music I’m listening to right now for my Scary 80s mix (volumes 5 and 6, forthcoming), I could have gotten far worse tracks than “Vacation” showing up.