Killing time in Amsterdam

And alas, I mean in the airport, not the city. After an hour and a half my coworkers and I have exhausted the (admittedly impressive) shopping and entertainment options, including an outpost of the Rijksmuseum, and are parked on benches awaiting our next flight, which takes off five hours from now.

I’ll have to see if I can find the art installation that turns up as the top result for killing time schiphol airport. It sounds like about the most interesting thing going right now.

Speaking of memes…

The Draw Batgirl meme hit Livejournal yesterday, after having started on Monday with a set of sketches by Andi Watson. A few others pitched in, and then yesterday it hit a fever pitch. The final tally is still growing, but right now it’s something over 500 original drawings of Batgirl, most with their own unique character designs, and almost all executed between yesterday afternoon and this morning.

As Jeffrey Rowland says, sometimes the inter net is okay.