Back on terra firma

It’s nice to kind of be back in the US. My VP of sales and I are in the Summer Shack in Logan’s Terminal A, after a fun day of travel that included the following:

  1. A brisk cold shower at 4:30 am Austrian time
  2. A 3 hour drive from our hotel in Austria to the Münich airport
  3. A quick hop to Amsterdam and a two hour layover
  4. A 7 and a half hour flight to Boston

Next stop: Ft. Lauderdale and a sales call tomorrow morning. Ah well. As the Beasties said, No sleep till Brooklyn.

Until I get back into a normal updating routine, I leave you with this thought: the prospect of an evening of fine ulcer inducing cuisine at Hell Night at the East Coast Grill is a lot more attractive after a week of Austrian food. Even fine Austrian food. We were planning to go last fall but couldn’t get a reservation, so we’ll be there next Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of friends and any random Boston bloggers who might be in the house.