New Hooblogger: Opinionista

Thanks to a tip (which I have sadly neglected for about two weeks) from Greg, the roster of Hoobloggers now has a big ol’ luminary: Melissa Lafsky, the Opinionista, oft-cited on Gawker, newly free of law firm hell, and now following her dreams of becoming a writer. She seems to have picked up more than her fair share of wingnuts, weinerboys, and out-and-out psychotics in the short period since she went public, so I’d like to give her some props for her courage.

Friday Random 10: classical and s/t edition

It’s that time: yes, the posting well has run dry. What comes up on the ol’ iPod?

  1. “Waitin’ for a Superman,” Flaming Lips
  2. “Allegro impetuoso“ (Górecki’s Kleines Requiem für eine Polka), London Sinfonietta
  3. “Sunway,” Rob Wasserman
  4. Gloria (Ludwig Senfl’s Missa L’homme Armé), the Suspicious Cheese Lords
  5. “Missing,” Everything But The Girl
  6. “17,” Smashing Pumpkins
  7. “Olive Pressing Song,” Unidentified Italian male chorus (field recording)
  8. “Laura,” Scissor Sisters
  9. “M.I.A.,” M.I.A.
  10. “Minor Threat,” Minor Threat

Background and instructions for this meme in my inaugural Random 10 post.