I just skiied down a mountain and boy are my legs tired

Day one of this trip, since it turned out to have the best weather, was our outdoor fun day, and we spent it at Sölden on the slopes. I skiied longer and faster than I ever have, starting about ten in the morning and wrapping up at 4 pm with a final ski down to the parking lot on icy narrow trails in the fading light. Keeping up with our company’s regional VP of sales was a challenge, as he skis about as fast as he drives on the Autobahn, but I managed it.

In the process, I learned a few things. Like: you can stretch your legs longer and further and work your body harder than you think. And: your muscles may still beat you up in the morning, but at least you’ll be able to remember that you went skiing in the Austrian Alps at a height of between 2000 and 3100 meters with a bunch of crazy Germans, and you only fell twice. Not bad for less than three years since I started skiing in earnest, especially considering I didn’t get to the slopes at all the winter of 2004–2005.