Friday crazy rumors day: Clinton replacing Ballmer?

Boy, is it fun to speculate and what-if today. Namely, what if this rumor is true? The one that has Steve Ballmer stepping aside as Microsoft CEO … in favor of Bill Clinton???

For one thing, you’d probably see a lot of red states joining Massachusetts’ ex-CIO in putting policies in place to get Microsoft out of their government. It would probably be the first time that open source advocates and most mouthbreathing conservatives would agree on anything.

Nonetheless, I will say that the only thing that could convince me this rumor is true would be if I looked out my window and saw pork on the wing.

(Via Scripting News.)

Always somebody watching at the Bellagio

Conference season is starting early for 2006. I’ll be at the grandly named Pink Elephant 10th Annual IT Service Management Conference and Exhibition in mid-February at the Bellagio, the hotel famous for inclusion in Ocean’s Eleven and for its masses of art glass by Dale Chihuly.

Looks like I won’t be the only Sloan person in attendance, either: Professor Ralph Katz, a research associate at Sloan (and a professor at Northeastern) will be speaking in the IT Business School track about managing innovation during uncertain times. If you feel like talking a little business at the show, or just quoting lines from O11 at me, I’ll be on the exhibit floor.

Missing more meetups

The Boston Geek Dinner that Dave organized last night at the CambridgeSide Galleria is probably the only blog meetup in recent memory to get covered by ZDNet. I wasn’t there—and haven’t been able to make any blog related gatherings, such as the Berkman Thursdays—because they all insist on Thursday night as the meeting datetime of choice. Which, when we’re not kicking off a BSO concert series, is the night I have choir rehearsal. There just aren’t enough days.