Dave, part II: “Voter Support Systems”

I should mention that this is my paraphrasing of Dave live. I can’t type verbatim that fast, and I’m posting real time rather than recording and returning later.

It doesn’t have to be president, in fact it was least likely that it would be a president. Because it mean confronting the power of television head on. And I think it’s pretty clear that the television channels decided that Dean wasn’t going to be president. But they don’t have that power at the state and local level. And someone is going to decide to do that. And that’s going to be my next quest, to go and find that person. And help them use weblogs, Meetup, and all that stuff. And I think we could do that in 2004.

I think that 2004 could be the most exciting campaign I’ve ever seen. Not in the horse race sense, but in the sense that we’re all involved in shaping the future of the nation.

And I think putting this all together, we’re getting to something that I call (all developers need terms) a “Voter Support System.” Because voters have no support, and they make lousy decisions.