Now that’s what I call a user interface

I’ve been playing with Clutter, and I think I finally found a way to replicate my physical desk on my virtual one (warning: linked image is quite large):

my god! it's full of album covers!

I know everyone else in the world has already seen this, but if you haven’t: the concept is simple, and cool. Clutter listens in the background while iTunes plays, and downloads the album art for the currently playing song automatically. If you want to keep the album out for reference, just drag it to the desktop…then you can double click it later to play the songs from that album. The end effect is something like Tyler’s CD collection in college.

A few questions about a 12 inch doll

Regarding this little toy, just a few questions:

  1. Was the White House consulted when this toy was being designed?
  2. Or did the White House call BBI with the idea?
  3. Either way, is taxpayer money paying someone in the White House to work on the production details for this doll?
  4. Does the White House get a cut of the $39.99 per doll? Does George?
  5. Does the doll come with a Greg Jenkins doll to make sure it’s only photographed in strong, manly poses?
  6. Does the doll make your car move ten times slower than normal to facilitate said photo ops?
  7. Does the doll go missing from your child’s collection for up to a year at a time?
  8. Will there be a Singin’ John Ashcroft doll? How about a Poindexter? A Rumsfeld?

Thanks to Esta, among others, for the link.

New high water mark @

There was a new high water mark at on Wednesday: 4112 weblogs. My data record of the high water marks has been updated to reflect the new mark.

This was good timing, coming as it did during the Great Data Pull. Now I’ll be able to look at traffic trends before and after a high water mark, and see if there is any relationship between high water mark days and mean traffic levels on

Happy birthday, Mom

Today is my mother’s birthday! I owe this woman a big debt of thanks, not only for my existence, but for my love of reading, cooking, and (in large part) music, as well as my sense that the world ought to be better than it is.

I can’t hug her in person today, but I’ll get to do that next weekend when I fly to the family reunion. In the meantime, happy birthday, Mom, and many happy returns.