More SoBig updates

Something I didn’t mention in my initial posts about SoBig: the worm can send mail by itself, since it contains its own SMTP server, and will forge return addresses based on entries in your Outlook address book or your Internet cache. So if you see email from me, no, I’m not infected with the virus, but someone else who knows me or has read my web page is.

Technical details of SoBig at the Berkman Geekroom. Reaction from Kevin Werbach: “either email is broken, Microsoft’s email software is broken, or those two statements are the same.” Rob McNair-Huff at MacNetJournal has been hit hard, as has Mark Frauenfelder at Boing-Boing.

Sobig keeps getting bigger; Son of Blaster

I got something like 60 messages on my home email account between 10 pm last night and 7 am this morning, all carrying the Sobig virus. Dave Winer had about 650 infected messages. Who is opening these damned attachments??? The BBC has more information on Sobig.

Meanwhile, the worm designed to patch the Blaster vulnerability, known variously as Welchia and Nachi, is spreading in the wild and Slashdot reports it’s slowing emergency response networks in Canada.

Could we all just knock it off for a few minutes, please?