My tomato plants: “We’re bigger than the Beatles”

slowly ripening tomato

I spent part of yesterday afternoon finally staking some of our indeterminate tomato plants. —Yes, I know. When the seed salesman informed us of the difference between “determinant” plants, which grow straight up, and “indeterminate,” which just kind of sprawl everywhere, I thought she was having a joke on us. As it turns out, the joke was on me. Some of the plants have been growing over the sides of our garden boxes, and all the way down the eight inches or so to the ground, where they’ve started producing. So staking them was a little tricky, especially since the longest stakes I had were about eight inches long and I needed something about three times that.

Unfortunately, the tomatoes on the plants are still wee little things. And if yesterday’s weather (cold and rainy for the first part of the day, after two evening rains during the previous week) was any indication, the growing season isn’t going to last forever. So it’s a race between the tomatoes and the weather.

Don’t know how much blogging there will be this week. Work is crazy busy, and I’m flying on Friday back east to a family reunion. But I’ll try to squeeze in a few moments along the way.