Cooking on all burners

And for once I don’t mean that literally. After a somewhat frustrating day at the office, I got home and got the following done:

  1. Conducted our first two way video chat with my in laws and Lisa (who airlifted a new iSight camera out to them).
  2. Talked Lisa through using the DVD player on their computer to watch the DVD I made from last year’s Italy trip footage—my first iDVD project, and done in about four hours start to finish, including screening over an hour of footage to pick the least motion inducing clips; building the DVD menu including chapter headings; and burning the disc.
  3. Figured out how to use our MiracleGro dispenser to allow me to feed and water 30 tomato plants in less than ten minutes
  4. Figured out why my cron script to download changes.xml from wasn’t working—see next post for details.

Plus a variety of things around the house. And I’ve only been home an hour and a half.

I know this won’t last and by Thursday I’ll be moping around again, but it’s nice to be up to speed for a change.