JHN 2004 in Review, part 1

It always takes longer to write these things than I think, but I thought I’d take a look at 2004 before we get into double digit days in 2005. All in all, it wasn’t a bad year on Jarrett House North. New houseblogging, new photos, cross country drive, my beginning and end as a semi-official corporate blogger, blogger for hire… ah hell, here’s the highlights reel for the first half (second half coming shortly):


We land on Mars. My phonecam photo to be published in the Guardian. It snows in Seattle. MSDN launches blogs.msdn.com. I have ten subscribers in the feeds.scripting.com community. Mars is warmer than the northeast. Lots of CSS learnings. Sail to the moon.


Last ski trip in the Northwest. Dave Winer visits Microsoft. Google Valentine’s Day toolbar. Prodigal dog. Rosemary. Generation gapped. Compassionate conservatism. Esta visits a shooting range.


On knowing the Black Dog. Trent Lott blog case from Harvard’s Kennedy School. Elvis Costello plays Benaroya Hall. AMS gets acquired. Remember when Al Qaeda blew up Madrid? Lego Death Star. Hindemith and Shaw and requiems and me. Learning to pray. Faster than a speeding bullet.


Sloanblogs (still a very short list). On Nirvana and seismic shifts in popular music. I call Bush out: “Bush ought to be a man, admit that he and his cabal of true believer advisors were wrong, wrong, wrong, and resign. He is unfit to be our president.” Justin Rosolino’s new album. Finding weird free music online.


Fifteen cubic yards of mulch. Accountability escapes us over Abu Ghraib. Why RSS succeeded where CDF failed. Robert Kellogg and Elvin Jones, RIP. We go house shopping in Massachusetts.


Shooting with the Nikon Coolpix. UVA class of 1994 10-year reunion, and photos around the Grounds. How Hermione stole Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I call for a virtual Bloomsday in 2005. Doc Weinberger visits Microsoft.