Round the block

Once again, I come up with reasonably snappy one liners about the things in my aggregator so you don’t have to:

  • SJ’s Wiki Hut of Horror: Feats of Clay. No, we aren’t slouching towards Bethlehem as software designers; no one knows where perfection is or what it looks like, so we just have to do the best we can. (If there’s a better analogy between agnosticism and software design, I don’t know what it is.)
  • Daily Press: Oysters bring rare bustle. It’s a long way from the James River kepone spill in the 1970s, apparently long enough that they’re opening a new stretch for harvesting.
  • Wired News: Monster Fueled by Caffeine. Well, that’s one way to go for an office for a software startup; just park your butts, and your laptops in a coffeehouse with free WiFi. (Also nice to see they have plans for social networking your Delicious Library data.)
  • New York Times: SBC’s Acquisition of AT&T Is Completed for $16 Billion. Guess AT&T ran out of things to spin off.
  • Adam Curry teases with the description of a new drag and drop podcasting app—but doesn’t make with the link.
  • Jeff Jarvis points out that the scary media complainers have an ally on the FCC commission in Democrat Michael Copps, who seems nostalgic for the days before cable.
  • Finally, Ethan Zuckerman does some cool Technorati math on the dissemination of BBC articles through the blogosophere. Turns out that technology articles are the most likely to be disseminated and African news, UK local news, and entertainment and business stories are among the least likely.