Light blog day

Esta and a friend of hers from seminary are coming up this afternoon to stay for a few days, so I’ll be offline much of the day getting ready. There are floors to vacuum, beds to make (this will be the first time we’ll use both guest bedrooms at once!), groceries to get… and, provided the weather stays above freezing, ice to remove from the driveway.

Oh yeah: I actually couldn’t get my car out yesterday afternoon. I had snow-blown the driveway clear Thursday at lunchtime to go to a job interview, and by the time I came back the weather had changed to “wintry mix.” Which I parked atop. Which subsequently froze to ice. Lisa’s car, which hadn’t been moved, had sufficient contact with the bare pavement to get out and about. Hopefully we can get my car moving today. Lesson: snowblower ≠ panacea.

Oh, and our neato upstairs guest bedroom is finally in shape and mostly decorated. It’s been christened the Virginia room, as it seemed a convenient place to hang all the framed Rotunda pictures. Maybe I’ll post a few snaps after we get the house ready.