JHN 2004 in Review, part 2

Continuing my trip through my archives for 2004:


Blueberries in summer. Microsoft.com blog portal launches, complete with OPML support. I’m an NPR Phonecam Challenge winner. I get namechecked on NPR. RSS begins to roll out across Microsoft.com community pages. Trip to Portland.Sonic Youth. Eating at Salumi. Optimism, or reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer while watching The Day After. The hottest day of the year. Denbigh Presbyterian burns. I ’fess up about our Boston move. How I sold our house at my ten-year reunion…in a bar…over a fax machine. The plan for my cross-country drive.


1600 miles in two days. Roadtrip photos. Gootllysac. Completing a cross country drive—3000 miles—in four days. We buy a house in Arlington. Fridge installation after kitchen demolitions. Missing the herb garden. New house likes and dislikes. On going to the Mass RMV four times. Wireless printing redux.


MFA photos. The great glass pumpkin. The existential Red Sox. Wireless tunes. The first presidential debate, and my fantasy question for George W.


The Long Tail and the blogosphere. PJ Harvey plays the Avalon. Dexter Gordon review. Sub Pop goes RSS. Dirty tricks. Blogging style. Pros and cons of blogging the presidential race. Hell Night. Ending the drought: Red Sox victory. Carl Perkins. Walking through Boston with George.


Blogger for hire. Delicious Library. Resignations. Review of the Frank Sinatra Show with Ella Fitzgerald. On not doing home improvements right before a dinner party. My first Thanksgiving dinner as lead chef. Boston late fall photos.


The Pixies with Mission of Burma. Bobby Timmons. Photo gallery. Votes, Bits and Bytes conference. Justin Rosolino at Club Passim. Google v. Gutenberg. Walking around Asheville. Global Voices covenant. Thawing out.