Old North Church and Natural History

behind old north church: a tree, a wall, a gate

New photos from our tour of Old North Church on Tuesday and from yesterday’s visit to the Harvard Museum of Natural History have been posted and are available from the gallery. We had a good talk with the sexton at the Old North Church, and he let us know that the belfry is opened for visitors once a year, in December. I’ll have to look for that opportunity. With an elevation like that I can imagine the view must be superb.

At the HMNH, in addition to revisiting the glass flowers, Esta, David and I checked out some of the other exhibits, including the vast gallery of whale skeletons, the slightly dusty cases of slightly cracking taxidermied specimens, and the ethnography exhibits. I was particularly impressed by the latter—I don’t think I’ve ever seen Aztec carvings in person, and the Mayan artifacts were also impressive.