I was going to write about the Virginia Tech game…

…but fellow Hooblogger Jeff Hawkins does it better for me:

First, ABC broadcasts Virginia-Virginia Tech nationwide, and we repay the favor by having a score of 0-0 at half. Switch to the second half where we take a nice lead and the refs see their way to switching momentum with the worst called non-interference play I’ve ever seen televised. Now, sure, perhaps that’s some bitter hyperbole, but nonetheless, a god awful call. My mom, who knows nothing about football was on the phone at the time and asked why they threw the flag.

Then we rejected the Tangerine Bowl (now the Champs Sports Bowl) because of exams. So it’s either Boise or Shreeveport [sic]. Yeah, I’m sure fans will want to spend their hard earned money travelling to the wondrous splendors of Boise. Shreeveport I went to in 1994. I think the President declared it a disaster area before any hurricanes.

P.S. the new marching cheesed*ck band looks like clowns. Nothing like wool in a rainstorm. I’m still miffed that the Pep Band is disbanned. I fully blame our 3 blowout losses to a marching band versus a scramble band

(I’m reminded of all the games George Welsh blamed on the Pep Band for firing up the opposition’s fans)

So after a really promising season it’s back to the Independence Bowl. I’m amused to see that the school turned down the former Tangerine Bowl (now Champs Sports Bowl) because it was on the last day of exams. Go go student athletes!

Update: Prompted by a reader’s mail, I should note that I don’t share Jeff’s acerbic views about Shreveport or Boise, having never been either place myself. I think we should all give Jeff a little comic license on that paragraph…