I’ve got resignations

Today: Colin Powell. Also William Safire, from a position in the other camp. And then there are people being let go from the CIA for being “disloyal.”

Let me make this clear. I, unlike the administration, believe in science. I believe in “prove it to me.” I believe that even in murky situations like interpreting intelligence reports—especially in those situations—how you proceed should be about whose interpretation best fits reality, not whether the analyst is a “soft leaker,” “liberal Democrat,” or a person who has been “obstructing the president’s agenda.”

This makes the disturbing New Yorker article about how selected intelligence reports that fit the Administration’s rosy scenario were fasttracked to the President, while less rosy reports were suppressed, look like child’s play.

Let’s not even get into appointing Condoleezza Rice, the National Security Advisor during the worst failures of national security in history, to the State Department. She failed, folks. She tried to tell the nation, and the 9/11 commission, and did tell the president, that an August 2001 memo entitled “Al Qaeda determined to strike in America” meant no imminent danger to the country. She should be fired, she should be brought down, not rewarded. But then I said I wasn’t going to get into this.

It only takes three…

original letters, that is. Three original letters, plus a bunch of people xeroxing one of them, to levy a $1.2 million fine against a network. For showing a bachelorette and a bachelor party—tamed down, undoubtedly, for TV.

Nice reporting by Jeff Jarvis. Now, I agree with there being some accountability for outlets that have broadcast licenses, but I feel that upholding things like, oh, equal time for political broadcasts is a hell of a lot more important to enforce than whether someone removes a garter belt with his teeth or gets spanked on network TV.

Snow weekend

Over the weekend the house held up well to the snow, as did the dogs. I wasn’t able to get pictures of Joy hopping out the door in her sweater and booties (which lasted about two minutes before she left them one by one in the snow). Our own psychic survival is probably more endangered. Saturday night we probably inhaled a ton of carcinogens from our first proper (successful) fire in our fireplace, and Sunday afternoon we were pleasantly giddy from scores of VOCs from various painting projects. After I finish the second (or fourth) coats on everything tonight I should be good and addled… just in time to figure out how to add the DVR functions to the universal remote.