Radio Free Connecticut

I have officially decided to make my claim to fame by finding a trade route between Boston and the Jersey Shore that does not include Connecticut. For the second trip in a row, we were deluged by rain non-stop for the four hours it took us to get through this ridiculous state. For a good two solid hours, I thought we had taken a wrong turn and were driving through the Atlantic Ocean. Also we’ve tried all three east-west routes, all with unsatisfactory results: I-84 to I-91 to I-95 is a disaster through all the states on the southern coast; taking the Merritt Parkway is somewhat better but adds a good two hours to the trip, most of that due to rush hour delay getting on the parkway through Hartford and New Haven; and staying on I-84 all the way through to 684 to 287 means going through rush hour and nasty construction. Pfui.

Anyway, we’re here, we had no recurrence of womitin’ dog, the sun is shining, and I have a day to work all the kinks out of my body before we head into the city tomorrow.