The Complete U2 (almost)

Both “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” and the Complete U2 digital box are available right now from the iTunes Music Store. And what’s catching my attention right now is the latter. All the rarities can be bought by the song, and there are some real rarities, including the Another Day and U23 singles that preceded Boy, the “Passengers” recording with Brian Eno, a ton of b-sides, and the greatest hits sets. Waitaminit—the greatest hits are in there as well as the original recordings? Guess that’s why it’s $149 and not $0.99 a song…

There are also 18 songs listed as “unreleased and rare,” rarer than the B-sides, including some tracks from their sessions at Sun Studio, and a live 1981 Boston concert. What appear to be missing are Bono’s duet with Frank Sinatra on “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”, which was a B-side for “Stay (Faraway, So Close!)” as well as appearing on the Duets album (which isn’t available in the store), and the fan club Christmas singles.

Shouldn’t it be “Some Days Are Better Than Others”?

I received an email this morning letting me know that it would be a “Perfect Day” to shop at the Apple Store either at retail or online on Friday the 26th, the day after Thanksgiving, to get “the perfect gift on the perfect day at the perfect price.” What’s interesting is the price match part, which is good only against authorized Apple resellers—the people Apple has traditionally alternately supported and undercut:

…if you’ve seen any Apple hardware or software at a better price elsewhere, we’ll match that price.*

*If you see Apple hardware or software for less at an authorized Apple reseller, we will match that price up to 10 percent off the current Apple Store regular price (excluding sales tax, shipping, and all other fees, costs and services).

Time to stuff your stockings…