Damn you, Comcast! Damn you, BC!

Grr! I was all set to waste an afternoon watching the Virginia–Virginia Tech game, which the VirginiaSports site assured me was televised on ABC, until I checked our local listings. There was a college football game on ABC at 1, all right… but it was Syracuse vs. Boston College.

And none of our 400-something channels are showing the game, either.

Ah well. There’s always the GameTracker. (Weeps.)

Well, here are some game links anyway:

  • Senator Useless—I mean, George Allen, who was a Virginia quarterback before becoming governor of the state and tackling the University’s funding to the ground in the mid-1990s, weighs in on the matchup: “I’m for Virginia Tech in every game that they play except one.”
  • Virginia has its pride to worry about, with an 8–2 record going into the series, but Tech has, at least according to these articles, a title on the line.
  • The Washington Post profiles little-known Virginia linebacker Dennis Haley, who has come back from an academic ineligibility in 2002 to graduate with an anthropology degree and take graduate education courses.
  • The ball will already have traveled 157 miles by the time it gets to Lane Stadium for kickoff, courtesy of a Charlottesville to Blacksburg charity run by the Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) chapters from both schools.