Brand Democrat

Oliver Willis engages on a one-man branding campaign for the Democratic Party. I think he’s really onto something here. The Dems have tried to be so many things to so many people for so long, the core message has gotten diluted. This is a good way to bring it back—combinations of evocation of famous Democrats past with enunciation of core values. I think, along those lines, that this might be my favorite one:

equal pay. equal rights. 40 hour work week. social security. medicare. clean water. clean air. safe food. freedom of speech. voting rights. we're just getting warmed up.

Though this one is also good for a laugh:

brand democrat: our congressional leadership isn't under any sort of criminal investigation. that would just be bad form.

Another nice touch, the images are explicitly Creative Commons licensed (By-NC-SA). And Oliver has put the template up for reuse..