One month til the 10th Reunion

We bought our plane tickets last night. The hotel has been booked since last month. We just have to confirm that our dogs can stay with their mom, to line up a rental car, and to find some kind friend in DC or the burbs with whom we can crash on Sunday night prior to our early morning flight out of Dulles. A month from today, I’ll be back in Charlottesville for my ten year college reunion.

As I noted a while back, this will be an interesting one. In addition to catching up with the publishing crowd (Michelle, Fox, Greg, et al: anyone up for a COUP Refugees Happy Hour on Friday night?), I’ll get to ask Kate about the Fox vs. Franken case, listen to Justin, maybe meet Don Webb’s little girl.

Also looking forward to seeing George and Bethany again. The reunion will be the five year anniversary of our meeting Bethany; we bumped into them (almost literally) on the Corner on the Saturday night of reunion weekend back in 1999.

And what will people find in me? Ah, there’s the rub. Though I’ve been to b-school at MIT, lived in Boston and Seattle, and worked at Microsoft since the last reunion, I’m feeling a lot more humble, somewhat less sure of myself, than I did five years ago. Maybe that’s better. I seem to recall being borderline insufferable at the last reunion.