Alive and kicking

I’m back after a really miserable day. Sometime during the airplane flights on Wednesday, I ate something that kicked in what I can only describe as a really bad acid reflux problem. We arrived at Logan Airport at about 10:30 PM EDT, and by the time we found Charlie and Carie’s house in Medford I started to have pain and a tingle in the back of my throat. To make a long story short, I got no sleep Wednesday night at all. Yesterday was pretty much a wreck from beginning to end. I was still feeling discomfort from the acid (though Pepcid eventually solved the problem) and had zero sleep to boot, leaving me with a headache. But eventually things cleared up enough that I could have a normal (albeit small) dinner, and sleep properly. Now I’m almost caught up on my sleep and thinking a little more clearly. Time to hit one of those 1.8 Dunkin Donuts per square mile and get on with the day.