Justin rocks

I got my copies of Justin Rosolino’s new album last night (see this post for background). As I wrote on his discussion board, the album is fantastic. I was prepared to be skeptical of the remake of “Legacy” since that’s one of my favorite tracks from the last album, but I think the new arrangement heightens the building tension that was already in the acoustic version. It’s like hearing Jeff Buckley’s pre-signing acoustic stuff and then listening to Grace—the song is the same but somehow more so.

The album, Wonderlust, is available from cdfreedom.com.

Almost forgot: it looks like I’ll have a chance to give Justin my feedback in person at my UVA reunion. (Wonder how Justin feels about providing “an evening of relaxing, nostalgic entertainment.” Also wonder if he’ll take requests. Yes, I’d like to hear the a cappella version of Prince’s “Kiss,” please.)