I know a dare when I see one

Tom reviews a rauchbier, apparently the original rauchbier: Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier from Munich. I have to confess not being that much of a fan of rauchbier, too much of which tastes like liquid Slim Jims for me to really have the taste.

But I’ll enthusiastically take Tom up on his offer of a beer, especially since I still haven’t been to the Stumbling Monk. Tom, ping me and we’ll make it happen. Or you can just help me drink some surplus Belgians and odd porters I have around…


…is Atlanta-Hartfield International Airport on Memorial Day Weekend without air conditioning. And with no WiFi.

Oh well. I can’t complain. At least I found an electrical outlet and finished watching Faraway, So Close. I don’t really understand it, can’t even guess at how Wenders intended the floating boat of East German rockets manned by acrobats to be interpreted. Perhaps “I must be an acrobat to talk like this and act like that”?

(Written at 12:27 PM Pacific time on Sunday.)

Returning home

Written Sunday morning at 10 am: Lisa and I had breakfast in Arlington this morning. There is a Carberry’s off Mass Ave in the center of the downtown area; we occasionally visited the one near Central Square (next to the former Ars Digita office—the bakery got free WiFi from the office next door!) before we moved to the North End, back when I was a student.

Then she took me to the airport and dropped me off. Yes, she’s staying an extra few days to take care of some last minute business items that cropped up in the Boston suburbs. So I’ll be handling the dogs solo until Tuesday night (with some help from our doggie day care friend on Tuesday). I’m looking forward to seeing them. We had just gotten them back from the groomer last Tuesday before we left and they were looking quite sleek. I imagine them brown with dust and with their short hair somehow dreadlocked with the long sojourn they’ve had at the Wagon Tails Ranch.