Oh, and by the way…

…Saturday’s sting was from a wasp, not a bee. Which explains why, all those years as a kid living next to honeybees and stung periodically, I never had an allergic reaction. So there you go.

Who knew buying a camera was worth four posts?

Okay, so maybe I’m stretching this out a little. But I was surprised at how hard it was to buy the camera I wanted with my gift card.

I went to BestBuy.com today to buy the camera on line. Unfortunately, as far as I could tell looking on line, there was no way to specify that I wanted to use my gift card. The payment page offered credit cards and reward points as the only two options.

So I drove to the local retail store and explained my dilemma to the clerk. After we looked at some alternatives (and I got a chance to see the Nikon CoolPix 3200, which has the same body but a higher megapixel count for $100 more), I decided I really wanted the 2200. The clerk offered to place a custom fulfillment order for me. So I was ultimately able to place the order, even though it cost me an additional $30 in taxes and a lost 10% discount because I wasn’t able to buy it directly on line. Sigh. It should arrive later this week.