What quake?

Looks like I’ve just slept through my third earthquake: we had a 3.6 just after midnight last night, centered at Bremerton (just about 20 miles away). For the record, the first two quakes I slept through were in the summer of 1995, when I was jet lagged and essentially sleeping with my eyes open in a conference room at Ridgecrest, California, during a 5+ magnitude tremblor; and of course in April 2002, when we had a 5.1 in Boston that almost woke me up.

Personal Firewall Day

This is smart: a coalition of computer software companies, including Microsoft, McAfee, ICSA Labs, Sygate, TruSecure, and Zone Labs, have put up a consumer facing site touting “Personal Firewall Day.” The site features information about why personal computer firewalls are important and links to how to get them set up, including a link back to the automatic firewall enabler on the Protect Your PC site at Microsoft. (Note: the link is fully automatic only on Windows XP.)