IE 5 CSS bug: fixed?

I think I fixed the CSS bug that was causing my site to crash IE 5 on Mac OS X. The offending rule was for list items inside unordered lists inside the .navContainerSide class, which are specified as floating—apparently having floated list items breaks IE 5. I used the Comment hack to hide the offending CSS from IE 5 and it now appears to work. Please advise if you’re still having problems reading the site with a particular browser.

RSS feed rankings

Dave is collecting RSS subscription lists in a new application on Scripting News. With an n of 51 subscribers giving their information, the top five feeds (out of 100) are Scripting News, Wired News, Scobleizer, Boing Boing, and the Doc Searls Weblog. This is what is meant by non-representative sample; still it gives an interesting insight into the people who are participating on the RSS-user list.

I’m less interested at this point in who is being read (we have plenty of other tools to tell us that) and more in information about peoples’ reading habits. How many feeds, on average, do people subscribe to? What is the blog-feed to non-blog-feed ratio?