Growing out of puppyhood

We had a surprise yesterday: our little girl puppy, Joy, is now too big to fit comfortably inside her fashionista doggie bag. Our little guys are growing up…

We decided that it’s time to take down some of the gates that we’ve used to keep them out of parts of the house, in the process opening up a hallway they’ve never been in. They were doing running yesterday through the hallway and barking once each time they turned the corner, like a lap counter. It feels more like our house again with the gates down.

Closer to automatic feed updating

Unanticipated side effect of my subscription list went from 124 feeds to 164 in about two weeks. (And the number of folks subscribing to my feeds went from 10 to 20. Thanks, all!)

I finally got around to replacing my feed list, which I had previously done as a static upload, with a link to a location on my site. I haven’t been able to get it to render in the opmlBlogroll macro for some reason (I keep getting [Macro error: Could not open the url, “”, because it could not be converted to an outline.]), but we’ll get there eventually.

And I’ve figured a way that I can automatically update the file, despite the fact that I can’t automate exporting OPML from NetNewsWire with AppleScript. More on that once I implement it.