Real HRs and faking them properly

I finally got around to putting in proper HRs in my CSS and in the sidebar. The redesign uses a fleuron from the Cronos font (in which the other fleurons and my page title are set) where a horizontal rule would normally go. Of course, this looks pretty silly in Lynx. So I turned to Dive Into Accessibility to see how HRs should be “faked” using CSS. It turns out to be a pretty simple trick involving background images and HR display rules, though of course there are some hacks required to get properly degraded behavior in downlevel browsers. Anyway, the point is, it worked. You may need to refresh the page to get the updated stylesheet to load properly, but once you do, you’ll see the fleurons and downlevel and text browsers will see horizontal rules.

Snow? In Seattle? Quick, start a blog!

I just got a reminder that the amount of snow that has fallen is never the issue; it’s how the infrastructure deals with it. In the case of the Seattle suburbs, that would be: not well at all. We’ve only had a few inches of snow here, but there are no snowplows, no sand trucks, no salt spreaders, nothing. I made the mistake of leaving my laptop at the office, so I had to go in and fetch it—and see the madness first hand.

I think I’ll get out of here before things get too much worse.

In the meantime, I found this Snow Storm Blog at the Seattle Times pretty amusing.