A link from Tony Pierce…

… is the Internet’s way of telling you that it’s noticed you’re not blogging over the weekend. The primary reason is it’s been a quiet one. We slept quite a lot from Friday afternoon through early Saturday evening—probably about 14 hours—then hung out with Arvind and Kim, their golden lab puppy Sumi, and their friends Lucy and Russ from Hollywood. We had a great time, though it was late by the time we got back. Today we got in our fall/winter vegetables (not from seed, obviously), went swimming in the lake…you know, the usual stuff.

I haven’t gotten to Bumbershoot yet. But tomorrow is the day. New Pornographers, Wilco, and REM… I’ll have phonecam coverage and lots of words after tomorrow.

Thanks for the link, Tony. I’ll try not to take too many more lame days on the blog going forward.