MacWorld bloggers talk hardware

Continuing with the live blog of the live bloggers: Eric says Steve is talking hardware, including laptops: 17 inch Powerbooks, only 1 inch thick:

1440×900 resolution, 16:10 ratio. Fiber-optic backlit keyboard. 6.8 pounds. Aircraft-grade aluminum. 1 GHz G4 and FireWire 800.

Will all bloggers lust after the new AlBook like they did the TiBook? Have to wait to see the photos. If Apple succeeds in improving AirPort performance over the TiBook they might have a winner.

Dammit I posted too fast. Looks like it will incorporate AirPort Extreme: 802.11g (54 MB/sec, baby) as well as BlueTooth (Eric and Matthew).

Double dammit. New Airport Extreme base stations for $199, 802.11g, with USB print server. Oh well. The SMC works fine. <sob>

“One more thing” — Matthew: “…New 12″ Powerbook. Smallest powerbook ever. Full sized keyboard. 867 MHZ G$. Bluetooth built in. Airport Extreme ready. Cost: 1799$.”

Other coverage: Daniel Berlinger of Archipelago.