No 802.11g for you…maybe

When I read that Steve Jobs announced Apple’s support of 802.11g (WiFi on steroids), I was thrilled. Thrill gave way to dismay pretty quickly as I remembered I had already bought a new 802.11b access point. My dismay may be both short-lived and prolonged, however.

First, short-lived: the new AirPort Extreme card does not fit existing devices’ AirPort slots. In fact, according to some observers, the bus speeds needed for 802.11g are too high to be supported by the existing AirPort slot. Second, prolonged: the WiFi News blog (formerly 802.11b News) points to a slew of PC cards and access points from other makers that support the new standard. So I might still have options for my old Pismo…but I can’t upgrade for a while anyway.